植树节英文 植树节英语作文附翻译

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植树节英文 植树节英语作文附翻译

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  The annual Arbor Day arrived, my father and mother went to the mountains to plant trees.

  We go first to a vacant lot, then my father dug a pit, I gently leaning trees Slim, my mother and then covered with soil. I stepped on the soil bounce ado, as giving small saplings massage. Mom to mention a bucket of water, let me help small sapling watering, watering while I side of the small sapling, said: "! Saplings ah, small trees, you drink plenty of water, quickly grow it." Then I went and Bibi saplings high a ratio, ah! Small trees only grow to my neck. I told a small sapling, said: "Small trees, you quickly grow it, so next year we come back is high!"

  A Chen wind, small trees and gently shake, as if to say: "Thank you, little master, you make me healthy growth next year I'm sure the president than you high."





  March 12 is Arbor Day. On this day, sails to the white clouds in the sky like a canoe, slowly floating. The sun is warm, according to the earth. Xiaolan shoulder shovels, xiao Ming saplings, bought in one hand, another hand bucket, two people together happily to the hills planting trees in the park.

  They are the hills in the park a look, wow! There were so many people! Only small groups of people some in digging holes, some in the filled soil, and water. Everyone did. Xiao Ming and xiao LAN are also looking for a position, made haste. Xiao LAN first hands clasped shovel, hard to dig a pit. She put the mound dig up next to the pits. Xiao Ming see holes is almost dark, and carefully put the roots of seedlings in the appropriate to the size of the holes, squat body, two hand the saplings. At this time, xiao LAN and carefully with the soil pit next to a small pile of soil pit filled with seedlings. Xiao Ming got up, took the bucket to call from a bucket of water, poured water on the ground. Trees planted good, saplings straight standing on the land.

  A gust of wind blowing, they both feel filar silk cool meaning, both hands wiped sweat on your face. Two "cat" you look at me, I look at you, all can't help laughing up, laughter filled the back of the park.





  Today, I proposed for grandma, the school is in construction, air pollution is serious, want to have more trees and flowers, grandma agreed to my proposal, and brought me to the morning market sea mooring river see flowers.

  We take the 229 road car, in a short time. Out of the car and the first thing you see is the crowd of people mountain people sea in buy a wide variety of goods, followed by the sea bridge, it like a dragon flying in the sky. We walk while see, the market on many people also many, bustling, someone every booth, in three outer layer around, pointing, pick and choose, bargaining, is really very busy, cries, TaoJiaSheng, a than a ring. We saw the vegetable stall on bright red tomatoes, saw green spinach, saw the eggplant purple... Really makes a person dazzling, vendors enthusiastic Shouting, he always smiles to meet every customer. Customers look in all directions, the choose and buy the things they need. Walk for half an hour, finally to the flower market, the varied, blossom. These flowers are beautiful! A basin to the second... It's number is countless. I asked my grandma: "so many flowers, should choose which one?" Grandma said: "spring is coming, although there is no shops here, but there are primroses, then we will buy a few primroses." My grandma and I decided to buy five POTS of red with yellow primroses. There is a green, hairy xiao yun loose.

  During the Arbor Day, the flowers and chamaecyparis pisifera for favorite teacher wang. Grandma said: "these flower in a class can not only purify air, still can insect-resistant!" Red as fire, can bring to class a good atmosphere, cloud pines on behalf of the king of the gentle, good teacher, she like the gardener, cultivating our everyday, we grew up like the flowers every day, day day up.




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